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For Deutsche Messe AG, the health and safety of all customers, partners, guests and employees has always been a top priority.
The organization of trade fairs, conferences and congresses demands robust safety and infection control measures, especially now in view of Covid-19.


More hygiene

The Hannover Exhibition Center features an excellent infrastructure that already meets the highest hygiene standards. Now we have significantly expanded these measures. With us, health and safety go hand in hand with lead generation.


Disinfection stations and sanitizers will be prominently installed throughout the entire Exhibition Grounds.


Door handles, stair rails and other high-contact surfaces will be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Obviously, this also applies to sanitary facilities.

Mouth and nose covering

In general all persons must wear medical mouth-nose covering (FFP2 or surgical mask) in closed rooms or similar settings.


Our state-of-the-art ventilation systems ensure a constant exchange of fresh air in entrance areas, exhibition halls and conference rooms.

Hygiene rules

We inform everyone at the exhibition center about fundamental hygiene and conduct rules such as greeting without handshake, cough/sneeze in the crook of the arm, frequent hand washing, and avoid touching the face

More safety

Numerous measures will ensure the best possible health and safety standards, protecting you during all trade fair activities – at the exhibits, in the trade fair restaurants and back in your hotel.

Contact with health experts

Deutsche Messe AG receives constant updates and advice from the relevant health authorities. Medical services are also available onsite 24/7.

Gastronomy at the exhibition center

The gastronomy concept complies with all legal requirements.

Contact tracing at the exhibition center

All persons present are required to provide personal data that enables efficient contact tracing.

Vaccinated - Recovered - Tested

Deutsche Messe admits only persons who can show proof of vaccination, proof of recovery from a SARS-CoV2-infection or with a current, negative test result.

Hotels in Hannover and Hannover region

We maintain close contact with the hospitality industry in Hannover, which also employs comprehensive hygiene concepts. We look forward to welcoming you at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

More spacing

The following measures will ensure that the 1.5 meter minimum social distancing rule can applies throughout the entire Hannover Exhibition Center.

Minimum social distancing rule

Everyone at the trade fair must be able to observe the 1.5 meter minimum distancing rule. To this end, a maximum number of persons per day of the trade fair will be set for each event. This measure depends on whether the particular event is hosted as 2G or 3G.

More spacious layout

In order to meet the social distancing requirements, we provide generous space for movement at entrances as well as in halls, conference areas and meeting rooms.

Separate entrances & exits

Entrances and exits will be kept separate throughout the entire venue as far as possible.

Wider aisles

The aisles in the halls will be widened and space created in more heavily frequented areas, such as in front of entrances and exits, at service points, restaurants, cloakrooms and toilets.

Exhibition stands

Exhibition stands must be designed in such a way that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be observed by all persons at the exhibit area.


The Corona-Warn-App helps us to determine whether we have had any contact with an infected person which could result in a risk of catching the virus

Help us in the fight against corona

This way, we can interrupt chains of infection more quickly. The app is a service by the Federal Government. Download and use of the app are entirely voluntary.

It is available as a free download in the App Store and from Google Play.

Sie ist kostenlos im App Store und bei Google Play zum Download erhältlich.

Die App wird vom RKI (Robert-Koch-Institut) für die Bundesregierung herausgegeben.


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